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Auto Air Conditioning Compressor

What is an automotive air conditioning compressor and where is it located on my car?

Most cars on the road today use air conditioners and to keep them running smoothly and coolly, they need a great auto AC compressor. All of the essential parts that make up a car air conditioning system, from the radiator to the drier, keep the whole cooling process going. And the car AC compressor is a tough and crucial soldier in the battle against heat in your car. It is located just behind the radiator in the engine well and has an impressive job that keeps you cool and expels heat back outside.

The automobile AC compressor essentially compresses and moves a liquid refrigerant throughout the entire air conditioning system in your car. The coolant moves quickly into a series of either copper or aluminum tubes that are known as condenser coils. There, the high-pressure coolant turns gaseous as heat is released in the condenser. As it cools, air is run over the cooling coils and into the car cabin to make passengers feel cool. It then turns liquid and goes through the car AC compressor to begin the process again.

When car AC compressors go bad.

Car AC compressors are very important and when one goes out of commission, we feel the heat right away. They are made of several parts, including the clutch coil, shaft seal and bypass pulley, but if even one of these components malfunctions, then the compressor stops its primary cooling function. Look for clues that may help you solve car AC compressor problems. You may notice that the coils are leaking coolant. You can get a special colorant from an auto parts store that runs through your system to identify these leaks, which will then be fairly obvious. If the leak is really bad, you wont have any pressure and the AC wont work at all. Another problem could be the compressor front pulley, which engages the auto AC compressor clutch. If your air conditioning system is turned on and the AC blower is pumping, then the clutch may be broken. Look for various electrical issues, like frayed wires, poor connections, broken dash switches, etc.

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