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Auto AC Drier

What job does a car AC drier perform and where is it located on my car?

The auto AC drier is an important part to all car air conditioning systems working today. It is an integral component to a cars air conditioning evaporator located on the side of the unit. Some are placed between the expansion valve and the condenser outlet. Others are attached right to the condenser directly. It is generally housed in a long metal tube made of either aluminum or copper. The driers primary job is make absolutely sure that theres no water or other types of moisture or liquid other than the coolant fluid thats meant to pump through evaporator. It does this with a series of ball bearing made of desiccant, which whisks away water. Water can get in the system from simply the manufacturing of the AC system or from air-borne humidity. Water or other moistures can easily combine with coolant, metal and floating particles to corrode the metal that makes up the evaporator.

The other purpose that auto AC driers serve is to store coolant and oil when theyre not really in use out of season or, rather, when the system isnt on. Additionally, the car AC drier also known as a receiver contains a special filter that works to permanently hold onto bits of particles and other dirt and material that may be in the AC system. These could include metal particles, corrosion, dirt, etc.

What happens when the automobile AC drier stops working?

Car AC driers are housed and sealed with welds in metal housing. Metal can and does corrode or crack after lots of use and as such, the excess of liquids can harm the AC drier. Every time that your cars air conditioning system is either checked or serviced, the auto AC drier should be changed out altogether. The car AC drier can collect only so much debris and so much water before it no longer functions, so like a car air filter it should be replaced, as such. We carry the best auto AC driers!

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