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Car AC Evaporator

What is a car AC evaporator and what does it do?

An automotive AC evaporator is a lot like your cars radiator. Instead of riding your engine block of heat, however, it is essentially built to get rid of heat in your cars passenger compartment. It is virtually always located just behind the dashboard near the floor or an additional one in the roof for larger trucks and vans. Most every auto AC evaporator in a car is constructed from aluminum. They contain a series of many metal tubes that allow coolant or refrigerant to flow through them. There are additional fins that extend from the tubes also just like classic radiators to easily rid the system of heat, as well as the refrigerant of heat.

The car AC evaporator works when the cool refrigerant goes inside of it. All of the hot air, which builds up inside of a car is forced to the evaporator via fans, is naturally attracted to the cool refrigerant-filled metal tubes of the evaporator. Then, humidity from the outside air hits metal and collects as water droplets. This water drips from the cars air conditioning system.

What happens when a car AC evaporator breaks down?

When your auto AC evaporator breaks down, the cool air stops flowing, of course. Instead, you get warm air. Whats the biggest culprit? Leaks in the line. It's as simple as that, but can be complicated to fix. A lot of the time, a car AC evaporator will get clogged with debris, leaves, etc. on the outside. As these things fall apart and break down because of the wet air the acids and other degradable content begins to erode the aluminum of the auto AC evaporator. Many times, when these items break down, they leave a fermented residual smell that can often be sensed when you first turn a car and the AC on. It may linger in some AC systems longer than others. There are several methods to help eliminate this debris, such as power washes and chemicals to destroy the bacteria that are left behind and other aftermarket parts that help to keep the immediate area dry.

Many times, it is ultimately best to replace the car AC evaporator altogether. This helps to insure that no residual debris or smells will be left behind and that it cools at a maximum capacity.

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