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Auto AC Expansion Valves

What is a car expansion valve and what does it do exactly?

Every contemporary car air conditioning system in service today contains a very special little part called the auto AC expansion valve. A car AC expansion valve is located right at the inlet tube on the cars AC evaporator. It is usually made of brass and stainless steel, but can be made of several other hard metal materials. The car expansion valve helps to regulate the cooling fluid as it goes into the evaporator quickly and easily but not too much! If too much enters the car AC evaporator, the overall AC system wont perform as well as it optimally can. Sometimes that scenario can even hurt the car AC compressor. If there isnt enough, then the AC system will also act up and create ice on the evaporator exterior.

How does actually work?

The automobile AC expansion valve is very sensitive and is essentially restricted by a tiny bulb located near the metal fins of the evaporator. How it works is that the same coolant/refrigerant used in the AC system is placed into a cylinder. When the evaporator temperatures affect the coolant/refrigerant in the cylinder, the bulb gets bigger or smaller. As this happens, the sensor controls the amount of coolant flow in the entire AC system. Many older U.S. cars and imported autos require the use of an auto AC expansion valve.

What do I do when theres a problem with the auto AC expansion valve?

Many times, it is ultimately best to replace the car AC expansion valve altogether. This helps to insure your air conditioning system cools at a maximum capacity.

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