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Auto radiators. Where would our cars cooling system be without them, right? Automobile radiators are indispensible components that every single operating car, truck or van needs in order to maintain the right temperature to run. These heat exchangers do a really good job of making sure that engines stay cool, but how do they work, you might ask?

Well, its simply, really. Car radiators use an aqueous type of coolant that also contains other compounds, which help to reduce radiator corrosion and freezing in the winter months. This special coolant is pumped through a series or narrow tube-like channels right through the block of the engine where it gets hot the most! As it runs through these channels, it immediately collects heat, which is necessary because engines can get up to almost 250 degrees Fahrenheit! As this happens, the engine cools down and runs at the optimal temperature, usually around 200 degrees. Then, the now very hot coolant runs right into the center of the car AC radiator. It continues through tiny metal tubes usually made of aluminum which expand into small flat fins that collect outside air. That air usually forced through the radiator compartment with a car blower helps to cool the hot auto radiator coolant. The cool coolant then runs through the process all over again. Little known to the common driver is that radiators also cool down a cars transmission. Actually, there is another little radiator placed inside the regular radiator that helps keep transmission fluid at the right temperature, so the transmission doesnt slow up or seize altogether.

What happens when the auto radiator goes bad or breaks down?

Car radiators like all important moving parts on your automobile have a finite lifespan. Some automobile radiators last a few years and others last decades. Also, whether you have a brand new car or what seems like an indestructible SUV, your car radiator also has the chance of being damaged or destroyed because it is located right at the front end of the car. Accidents and even minor fender benders can either crack, break or dislodge a car radiator, making it inoperable almost right away. When coolant leaks as a result, get your car towed and have the auto radiator replaced immediately. During regular use, extreme weather changes can encourage line breaks or seam breaks. Have your local auto repair service station check out your car radiator if you suspect any problems.

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